Becoming a Member


  • All Marine Club members and nominated additional drivers must hold the RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate
  • All new members and additional drivers must complete a familiarisation session.

Age limits

  • Members must be minimum: 25yrs old
  • Nominated additional drivers must be minimum: 18yrs old

Lead Members and Nominated Drivers

As the Lead Member you can nominate up to two additional drivers on your membership at no additional charge. However nominated drivers cannot book boats and take them out without the lead member onboard. Lead members must be onboard all Marine Club sessions.

Nominated drivers must be minimum 18yrs old and hold the RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate. They must also complete the familiarisation session at the same time as the lead member.

Health and Safety

Your safety is our number one concern. All members must hold the RYA Powerboat level 2.

Whilst on onboard, skippers and passengers must wear life jackets. However we appreciate life jackets are expensive pieces of kit and as a new member it may take a little time to get organized with these. We also understand you may be bringing friends along for a day out and will not be able to supply jackets for everybody onboard.

Therefore if you do not have a life jacket or require additional jackets, these can be hired at a nominal charge per session.

Please remember to let us know when you book your session how many life jackets you will require.

Life jacket hire

per jacket


We do have life jackets for sale in the main office.