The Fleet and Fuel

Gala RIB (6.5m)

The Gala RIB has proved extremely popular with our members, with its comfortable and sociable seating arrangement. Powered by a 150hp Mercury engine, it is perfect for exploring the Menai Strait with family or friends.

Max no. onboard: 6 persons (including the skipper)

Saxdor (6.5m)

New for the 2021 season, the Saxdor is becoming an increasingly popular leisure boat, with its flexible bench seat, allowing passengers to face forwards or backwards. Powered by a 115hp Mercury engine, it is great for small groups, yet powerful enough for towing inflatables or water-skiers.

Max no. onboard: 4 persons (including the skipper)


All our boats are fuelled in preparation for your visit. Fuel consumption varies according to a range of factors including how hard you drive the boats and whether you are towing water ski’s or inflatables.

Each customer is different but our experience has shown 50 litres of fuel is more than adequate for a half day on the water and this is included within the hire. You will be charged the current fuel price for any fuel used above this threshold. The current fuel price can be found in the boat yard office.


As a member of The Marine Club you, your nominated drivers and passengers are insured. However, you are liable for any damage caused whilst the boat is on charter under your care.

Area of Operation – Puffin Island to Llanddwyn Island

The Marine Club boats are only able to operate within categorised waters, meaning they are limited to the Menai Strait This offers over 20 miles of coastal waters on which to explore, from Puffin Island at the north east end Llanddwyn Island at the south west entrance.