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Develop your powerboat driving skills on an RYA training course. RYA Powerboat Level 2; Intermediate, Advanced and Jet-Ski (PWC). Private tuition also available.

Undertake your RYA training with RibRide. Based in Menai Bridge our experienced and qualified instructors will ensure you receive the very best powerboat training.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 – £275

This course is ideal for the first time boater, as a refresher, or as an introduction to the Menai Strait.
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Mid-week courses – £245

What the RYA say:
“This two-day entry level course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence.
It focuses on low speed close quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed, and collision regulations.”

What we say:
For anyone looking to navigate the Menai Strait or nearby waters, this 2 day course gives just enough knowledge and skill to enjoy your days afloat.  This confidence builder is the basic platform for any boater to safely venture out and become more experienced.

Why RibRide:
Porth Daniel, under the Menai Bridge is both the gateway to safe boating, and to learn the complexities of the Swellies.  We will use the safe waters to the north to learn the basic skills before applying RYA training  to the practical task of safe navigation.  The sheltered but tidal waters of the Menai Strait provide perhaps the most forgiving and demonstrative location to experience boating for the first time.

RYA Intermediate Powerboat – £300

We will develop your coastal powerboat driving skills on this two day intermediate training course. Improve both your confidence and boat handling abilities.
Course dates: Please call 0333 1234 303

What the RYA say:
“This course covers the practical use of pilot skills and passage planning by day on coastal waters using both traditional and electronic navigational techniques.
This course builds on the foundation knowledge of the Level 2 Powerboat Handling course and is suited to those who aim to drive larger more powerful powerboats. During the two days you will cover, cruising at planing speed and more advanced boat handling. It is recommended for anyone considering moving on to the Advanced course.”

What we say:
If you are familiar with navigation and smaller boats, this is the course where you learn to venture further in more powerful craft. A fun, challenging and exciting course to take boating to the next level.

Why RibRide:
We use the full variety of conditions the 20 mile long Menai Strait offers to explore what a bigger and more powerful boat can do. We use our fleet of Ribeye 785 RIBs which are kept in excellent condition for this course and you learn to handle all 250hp in a safe and secure environment.

RYA Advanced Powerboat – £350

Includes night navigation and skilled handling
Course dates: Please call 0333 1234 303

What the RYA say:
This course is for leisure and professional boaters wanting to undertake more adventurous trips by day and night.
It includes navigation at planning speed, weather and other aspects of skippering powerboats on more challenging passages in coastal waters. Given the nature of these passages Advanced Powerboat courses should be delivered on powerboats of a minimum of 6 metres and an engine size sufficient to enable coastal passages at planning speed.
Anybody undertaking this course must have the practical skills of the Intermediate course and knowledge of navigation to at least the standard of the Day Skipper shore based course.

What we say:
If you are starting to feel more adventurous and want to explore the coast beyond the Strait, this course will take you out there.  Not only will you find the way there, but you will learn to bring your precious crew back safe, no matter what the conditions, or even in the dark.

Why RibRide:
This course is about exploring challenging waters in all conditions.  Due to our central Menai Strait location, we have the challenging Swellies on hand, plus the ability to choose which end of the strait offers the best conditions for learning that day.
If you are starting to feel more adventurous and want to explore the coast beyond the Strait, this course will take you out there.  Not only will you find the way there, but you will learn to bring your precious crew back safe, no matter what the conditions, or even in the dark.

PWC Jet Ski – £150

A basic requirement for all jet ski and PWC users
Course dates: Please call 0333 1234 303
Course cost: 1 day £150 (does not include ski hire)

What the RYA say:
Personal watercraft can be single-seater machines or can take two or three people. They are fast and exciting, but need to be handled with care.
Whether you just want to have a go on holiday or buy your own machine, our Personal Watercraft course will teach you how to get the best from it. Our course is designed for first time and experienced riders alike. Increasingly our certificate is required for launching in UK harbours, but is also needed if you want to use your PW abroad.
All new PWC’s are sold with a voucher towards the cost of this RYA training course and, once passed, you are issued with a certificate of proficiency.
Most courses take place over one day and can be taken either on a centre’s craft or your own.

What we say:
Buying a Jetski can seem such an easy thing – however, these are one of the most powerful waterborne craft available.  That’s great fun until you find yourself in in the wrong place on the wrong day.  This course is designed to give you essential skills to make you feel happy with the many decisions you can make on the water.

Why RibRide:
A Jetski is like buying a sports car to learn in.  We keep the fun, but strip back the basics to provide a safe but enjoyable learning environment.  We have one ski for first timers, or bring your own to ensure familiarity.

Private Instruction

For those of you looking for more tailored instruction, we can deliver personalised tuition. Please call 0333 1234 303 to discuss your requirements and availability.
Cost £45 per hour

What we say:
You can rely on the safe, professional and fun approach our instructors will bring to the learning environment.  Our experienced, RYA training staff will listen to your needs and provide you with the on water episode you need to take your boating to the next level.  Whether it be an introduction to the Swellies and Strait, a review of navigation or a season of seamanship and boat handling, we can help.  No matter if its on your boat or one of ours, we will help remove any barriers to provide a clear boating path ahead.

Why RibRide:
Our instructors and skippers have logged more miles in local waters than any other company.  Collectively, our skippers and boats have covered the equivalent of more than 4 circumnavigations of the Globe.  We have the experience and knowledge to help with any boating needs.

Whatever your training needs, we can develop your skills. Call us to discuss your requirements.
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